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The Clubhouse at Potomac Green

A Sonnet in Praise of Where We live

We live in a 55+ community called Potomac Green in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia. It’s a wonderful community with about 2,500 people (average age 70–75) living in 1,400 homes. It has a lot of activities, clubs, and interest groups to keep residents active and involved, if they want to. A few months ago, I joined the Writers Group, which has published writers and poets as its members.

Recently, I decided to write a poem in praise of Potomac Green but was hesitant to send it to the Writers Group lest someone feels offended that I (with no poetry skills) wrote a poem using artificial intelligence (AI). I was pleasantly surprised that the poem was well received by the group, and one of them even suggested an edit to the poem. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Ode to Potomac Green

(by Vinod Jain helped by AI)*

Potomac Green, you inspire me to write,

How I love the way you give me food for thought,

Invading my mind day and through the night,

Always thanking my stars which here me brought.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,

I love your beautiful clubhouse and landscaping.

Thinking of our wonderful neighbors fills my days,

Rather than reading Cordelia Jensen’s Skyscraping.

Let me compare you to a great resort,

You are splendid, joyful, and mostly friendly.

Though PG in wintertime has the look I would rather naught,

Because snow chills even the berries of January.

Now I must close with a chancy heart,

Remember my keen words even when we are apart.

* With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning



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